TYPO3 CMS for Project Managers

TYPO3 CMS is a stable, reliable, and predictable open source enterprise content management system. It will help you deliver projects on time and on budget even when you’re developing new features and functionality.

TYPO3 supports you and your project through installation and setup, extending and customizing the system, and in maintenance and daily operations.

The TYPO3 CMS core features are designed to deliver what agency clients need. With regular updates and improvements from a professional team of developers, your basic project functionality can come online quickly and easily.

TYPO3 helps you make reliable estimates and keep your promises. Many systems fail when you take them beyond the basics. TYPO3 is built for the modern web, with current, popular open source components like PHP 7 and Symfony, and the PHP-FIG PSR standards. Your developers will find comprehensive, detailed, in-depth documentation that includes best-practice coding examples so they can deliver the best code, the right way, every time.

TYPO3’s architecture supports staging and deployment with strict “triple separation” of concerns: there is no business logic in the presentation layer, content is stored in the database, and both are completely separate from the backend codebase. In day-to-day operations, this means you can perform content and code staging, reskin a site without touching the business layer, and programmatically create update and migration scripts for reliable, automatic updates.

TYPO3 helps you maintain and improve your projects predictably. The modular architecture lets you tackle big changes in smaller chunks that won’t break the rest of the system.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the CEO

TYPO3 helps your IT teams build secure, up-to-date systems that give your marketers what they need to connect with customers and compete in today’s digital landscape.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the Marketer

TYPO3 CMS is an open-source enterprise content management system that supports your needs in connecting to your audience in today’s digital landscape.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the CTO

TYPO3 CMS is a robust, proven technology choice that offers excellent security, supports regulatory compliance, and delivers better ROI for your digital projects.