TYPO3 CMS for the CTO

Choosing TYPO3 CMS will not only deliver better ROI for your digital projects but also help you build better websites for your money. It is a robust, proven technology choice that offers excellent security and supports regulatory compliance.

TYPO3 is a robust open source enterprise content management system. Your ability to succeed is backed by a vibrant professional ecosystem of service providers, industry partners, and developers. Official vendor-SLAs and Extended Long-Term Support from TYPO3 GmbH extend project lifecycles up to six years per release, greatly increasing ROI and planning certainty.

Delivering new features, innovation, and great implementations on time and on budget. Out-of-the-box, the TYPO3 core delivers all the basics that clients need in every project. It is built on industry-standard open source components like PHP 7 and Symfony and follows the PHP-FIG PSR standards. Comprehensive, in-depth documentation, including best-practice coding examples, help developers extend the system to be the CMS you need.

TYPO3 makes it easy to deliver features that can be significant challenges in other systems. The CMS is built to keep your marketing department happy and deliver high-performance multisite installations, with great SEO, authoring, translation, and editorial workflows.

TYPO3 delivers regular releases, robust permissions and security hardening, GDPR tooling, and up-to-date components. Strict separation between web frontend and backend admin systems make it harder for intruders to interfere with your web properties.

TYPO3’s architecture supports staging and deployment of content and code with strict “triple separation” of concerns: there is no business logic in the presentation layer, content is stored in the database, and both are completely separate from the backend codebase. In day-to-day operations, your teams can create reliable automatic update and migration scripts. Sites can be redesigned without touching the business-logic or functional layer of your system.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the CEO

TYPO3 helps your IT teams build secure, up-to-date systems that give your marketers what they need to connect with customers and compete in today’s digital landscape.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the Project Manager

TYPO3 CMS is stable, reliable, and predictable, helping you deliver projects on time and on budget even when you’re developing new features and functionality.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the System Admin

TYPO3 CMS makes your job easy and predictable with a regular release cycle, easy updates, security best practices, and up-to-date software components and libraries.