TYPO3 CMS for system admins

TYPO3 CMS is built and maintained to make your job easy and predictable. It sticks to a regular release cycle, is easy to update, follows security best practices, and uses up-to-date software components and libraries.

The community of software professionals behind TYPO3 have the concerns and priorities of sysadmins in mind. They maintain the content management system with an emphasis on security, easy maintenance and deployment, and best-practice implementation.

TYPO3’s strict separation between the web frontend and the administration interfaces—both with robust access permissions and security hardening—makes it harder for intruders to interfere with your web properties. The TYPO3 Security Team resolves security issues using industry standard procedures, including timely security and upgrade-notifications. System security and compliance are further supported by implementing the newest component and library versions and security updates in regular, scheduled core releases.

TYPO3’s architecture supports staging and deployment with strict “triple separation” of concerns: there is no business logic in the presentation layer, content is stored in the database, and both are completely separate from the backend codebase. In day-to-day operations, this means you can perform content and code staging, re-skin a site without touching the business layer, and create update and migration scripts for reliable, automatic updates.

TYPO3 is built using security and performance best practices. TYPO3’s professional community has you covered here, too. The comprehensive, in-depth documentation includes coding examples and best practices that help developers deliver new plugins and customizations the right way every time. Changes that won’t negatively affect the systems entrusted to you.

Catch and fix any issues long before they affect you in deployment. Backend admin tools built into TYPO3 CMS include full upgrade documentation for every version and an extension scanner for code deprecations or outdated TYPO3 API calls outside of the core. When checking for broken extensions, the system can even update and fix many common problems automatically.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the Developer

Supported by a vibrant professional open source community, TYPO3 is built on current, standards-based, open source components to be extensible, flexible, and scalable.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the Project Manager

TYPO3 CMS is stable, reliable, and predictable, helping you deliver projects on time and on budget even when you’re developing new features and functionality.

TYPO3 CMS explained for the CEO

TYPO3 helps your IT teams build secure, up-to-date systems that give your marketers what they need to connect with customers and compete in today’s digital landscape.