Telecommunication services with TYPO3

"How to offer highly configurable telecommunication services and create package offerings in no time."

Telecommunication services with TYPO3

About GGA

GGA Maur is a telecommunications service provider. The company has been operating in the Northeast part of Switzerland since 1967.

In order to provide the best price and service in cities and even villages, a diverse range of products and technologies is offered by GGA Maur - this means services and prices vary depending on the respective municipalities.

In the highly competitive Swiss telecommunications market, the product range has to be easily adaptable on short notice with little margins for errors. Avoiding redundancy is an important issue.

The Website of GGA Maur was realized with TYPO3 in 2007, which has proven to be a reliable basis for the continuous development of the site according to GGA’s business needs.

Have you ever ordered an internet connection?

Then you know that selecting a package and choosing the options can be time- consuming. And it gets even more complicated, when offers such as Internet, TV and Telephony are being bundled.

A TYPO3 extension bundle has been developed in order to optimize the creation and display of the products as well as the resulting ordering process.

In addition, the extension bundle also handles data validation and caching and additional features like promotions handling, tracking and evaluations.

Using new technology

The API of the TYPO3 Form-Extension enabled us to implement a highly flexible multi-step ordering process with dynamically generated forms that derive from the product definitions automatically. The Form-API and modern programming patterns like the visitor pattern, as well as the implementation of Domain Transfer Objects form a solid foundation for reliability and further development. Editors can define all steps and form fields independently in the backend, which then are rendered according to the business logic in a highly dynamic way.

The extension bundle is designed to be able to insert or remove intermediary steps or form fields at any time during the filling process. This feature can be used to incorporate availability queries or steps for special promotions, and adapt the logic of the ordering process accordingly.

The selection of a particular promotion, for example, can be queried and form fields can be added on-the-fly during the ordering process.

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